Brilliant Tricks on How to Singing and Playing Guitar Smoothly

Singing and Playing Guitar

How to singing and playing guitar at the same time – Seeing a musician plays his favorite music is really interesting. More than that, it will be much nicer if the musician is also able to sing a song beautifully at the same time. Sometimes, you may wonder how to be as cool as him. The common problem is that adapting the guitar’s rhythm with the way you sing is not an easy thing.  You need to practice a lot. At least, you must master some important matters. So, what are they? Here are some tricks you may follow and learn.

  • Balance the Guitar’s Vibrates and Song’s Rhythm

    In playing any music instruments while singing, it means that you must balance some parts of your body. Here are some easy examples. When playing piano, you need to balance the right and left hands in pushing notes, the left hand plays the bass while the right hand plays the melody. Then, when playing drum, you need to move your hands and feet to let the beats fill in the tempo. Playing drum is even considered difficult when your brain is still unable to control the balance between the hands and feet.

    Playing guitar and singing at the same time have the same challenge also; it is to balance your fingers’ movement and your mouth. Therefore, there is one main issue you should learn at the first time, which is to identify the song’s rhythm to adapt to the guitar vibrates rhythm or known as the guitar strumming. Of course, it also means that you must able to sing and play guitar separately.

  • Start with a Song with Simple Rhythm

    No matter how good you are when playing guitar, it doesn’t guarantee that you may able to do it while singing. Therefore, we suggest to start it all with a song with simple rhythm. Even children chants like Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star is good for beginners when you want to learn singing and playing guitar. When you have mastered this one, just improve your skills by playing songs with more complicated rhythm. Just trust yourself that someday you may be able to play more difficult songs such as those sung by Dream Theater.

  • Play the Guitar while Humming to practice Singing and Playing Guitar at the Same Time

    Let’s assume that you are now in the position of being able to play the guitar without singing. It means that you must know well and can memorize the notes properly. So, just play your favorite song. Feel the rhythm and then hum the song. If you still find it difficult, you can then lower down the tempo to ease you in applying the song you hum with the rhythm. Repeat this process several times until you find that both guitar’s vibration and your humming can be uttered together. Next, try to memorize the lyrics, improve your vocals, and try to sing the song together with guitar playing.

  • Try to Learn Other Techniques

    Sure, vibration is not the only technique of playing guitar. More than that, there are also strumming and many more.

With the same above methods, try to apply other techniques while singing. Try these above techniques and let us know if you made it to singing and playing guitar smoothly!

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