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How to Tune and Capo at the Same Time with Guitar Capo Tuner?

How to Tune and Capo at the Same Time with Guitar Capo Tuner?

Capo tuner is used in two different ways. The first one is to produce sound from your guitar and the second one is to tune the guitar to match the sound. You don’t need to worry if it is your first time to tune your electric guitar with capo tuner. The steps below explain how […]

What is the Easy Way to Tune a Guitar Correctly?

How To Tune A Guitar

When you just want to learn how to play your first guitar, one of the first thing to do is to ensure all your guitar strings are in tune. Let us share how to tune a guitar the easy way! Basic of Guitar Tuning Your guitar typically has 6 strings.  You need to tune all […]

Top Absolute Facts to Consider when Buying Guitar Strings

Guitar Strings

Do you want to buy new guitar strings? If it is your first time, you have to consider several important things first before doing it. You have to know it to make sure that you get the best guitar strings quality similar to the original strings quality. So, what do you have to do before […]

What Is Twelve String Guitar?

What Is Twelve String Guitar?

Have you ever heard about twelve string guitar? Yeah, this is a guitar which has twelve strings, of course. As we know, we commonly see guitar which has only six strings. But, do you know what makes this guitar special? The sound which is produced is rich. So, if you want to get a different […]

Must Have Guitar Effect Pedals That You Must Bring for Your Jamming

Must Have Guitar Effect Pedals That You Must Bring for Your Jamming

Every guitarist needs to have reliable guitar effect pedals so that great sound effects can be produced during jamming. Today, you can find a lot of types of effect pedals to enhance the sound production of the guitar. However, even when you are a professional guitarist, you do not have to own every single kind […]

Essential Techniques To Use Whammy Bar On Your Guitar

Techniques on Using Guitar Whammy Bar

If you use your whammy bar only to bend notes and add vibrato, you’re missing out on some of its more nuanced, and more extreme, applications. This article has created to help you. It demonstrate 8 Essential techniques to use whammy bar on your guitar. Check it out! 1. Get comfortable with the bar Plug […]

How to Tune A Guitar by Ear?

How to Tune A Guitar by Ear?

It is still debatable whether the best way to tune guitars is by using a tuner (electronic device) or by ear.  As we are going to discuss further, tuning guitars by ear offers several advantages over the “easier” way of using an electronic tuner. Besides, we are also going to give you some tips on […]

What Do I Need to Build Guitar Pedal Board?

Setting Up Guitar Pedal Board

Playing with guitar pedal board is fun and even it improves your guitar performance. Interestingly, you can also build your own guitar pedal board. You just need to learn how to build the pedal. The steps below explain to you how to do it so you can use the guitar pedal board right away. Consider […]

Great Safe, Quick and Easy Tips to Clean Guitar Strings

Clean Guitar Strings

You must clean guitar strings regularly to keep the quality of your favorite guitar longer. You have to clean the strings carefully so your play doesn’t damage the string or the guitar.  Let’s find out how to maintain your guitar strings. The Way to Remove Grime from Your Strings The first thing to do to […]

What Do I Need to Consider when Buying Guitar Effects Pedals

Choosing Guitar Effects Pedals

There are various types of guitar effects pedals available on the market and you might want to know which are the suitable ones for your needs. You need to know on various effects that these pedals can produce, then you can decide what you want. Gain Staging Effect You have to consider the gain staging […]

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