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How to Play Guitar by Ear

How to Play Guitar by Ear

Learn to play guitar can be done in many ways. One of the techniques that guitarist often use for improving their guitar playing skill is by ear. This is a special training that is aimed to improve your capability to listen all things related to sounds or music. Just keep reading this article to know […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Guitar Tone

Playing Guitar Tone

The question of how to improve the guitar tone is indeed worth to ask. Why? It is basically one of the most important things if you want your playing sounds great in general.  If you can improve the tone, you might feel of getting stuck.  The effect is worse, especially for those who are initially interested in […]

6 Big Hurdles You Should Ignore When Beginning Guitar Lesson

6 Big Hurdles You Should Ignore When Beginning Guitar Lesson

Beginning guitar is not hard nor easy. You need to take a lot of practice to play a guitar. Mistakes in playing guitar are not realized by beginners and even professional guitarists. The guitarists will get more painful especially in left fingers. Here are some big hurdles that you need to overcome when beginning your […]

Effective and Easy Way of Mastering Guitar Chords Playing Techniques

Mastering Guitar Chords

Guitar chords is one of the important component to play a Guitar. People who wants to play the guitar should have good understanding and familiarity on playing chords. Sometimes, learning guitar chords can be very easy, but also can be very difficult. Sometimes it also depend on the talent.  When the person has the talent […]

The Art of Guitar Jamming with Other Musicians

Guitar Jamming with Other Musicians

For a guitar player, it always becomes something interesting to be able to jam with other music player. Guitar jamming is one great way where you can challenge your ability for playing this music instrument, hang up with your fellow friends, make new friends, and even create new social network where you can improve your […]

Things to Know about Guitar Jamming Learning

Things to Know about Guitar Jamming Learning

Guitar jamming is a way to improve the skills of guitar playing alongside other musicians. It is like some of the musicians play the rhythm in order to get the beat and the others may play melody in solo. Although it can be said as a free formation of playing guitar, jamming is also often […]

10 Golden Rules for Worship Guitarist

10 Golden Rules for Worship Guitarist

Being a worship guitarist can be fun and challenging. You have to make sure that your guitar is able to give something great or balancing the worship music. The main achievement is of course to give great positive effect to the listeners with great sounds. So, what are the golden rules you must have as a […]

Brilliant Tricks on How to Singing and Playing Guitar Smoothly

Singing and Playing Guitar

How to singing and playing guitar at the same time – Seeing a musician plays his favorite music is really interesting. More than that, it will be much nicer if the musician is also able to sing a song beautifully at the same time. Sometimes, you may wonder how to be as cool as him. […]

Quick Practical and Easy Ways on Recording Guitar

Ways on Recording Guitar

Guitar is one of the most popular music instruments that is played by most people. But it is not always easy to play the instrument especially for beginners. You need to practice a lot so you can play the instrument like a pro. This article will talk about the quickest practical way for playing as well as recording […]

What is the Easy Way to Tune a Guitar Correctly?

How To Tune A Guitar

When you just want to learn how to play your first guitar, one of the first thing to do is to ensure all your guitar strings are in tune. Let us share how to tune a guitar the easy way! Basic of Guitar Tuning Your guitar typically has 6 strings.  You need to tune all […]

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