Different Types of Guitar Tuner and Their Comparison

Different Types of Guitar Tuner and Their Comparison

Guitar tuner is an important tool to make your guitar playing better. There are some types of tuner to help you play your guitar. Find out more about the different types of the device in this article.

Types of Guitar Tuner

Different Types of Guitar Tuner and Their Comparison
Different Types of Guitar Tuner and Their Comparison

There are some types of guitar tuner available to opt out there. Each of the devices has their own strength and specialties that makes them different from one to another.

  1. Chromatic Versus Non – Chromatic Tuner

The first type tuner for guitar playing is chromatic tuner and non – chromatic tuner. Generally, the non – chromatic tuner is actually made to tune a guitar only. The tuning process is done in traditional EADGBE tuning. By using the non – chromatic tuner, the tuner will automatically recognize that you are tuning a specific string. This will make it possible for you to identify the flat and sharp level of the string which is linked to certain note. Meanwhile the chromatic tuner is especially design to show you tuning relative to the closest semi – tone such as the closest note located in the scale of chromatic). This will enable you to use the device to tune to an alternate tuning of your guitar. This also means that you can use the device to tune the other musical instruments.

  1. Clip – On Tuner

The next guitar tuner to help you play guitar perfectly is called clip – on tuner. This is one of the most common tuner device used by professional. Basically, the clip – on tuner is a device with compact design of box type. The device is supported by a built in – microphone which functions to tune a guitar. This kind of guitar tuner also comes with a jack input which is useful for plugging in as well as tuning guitar. Unlike the chromatic and non – chromatic tuner, the clip on – tuner works for you in more different ways. With the built – in microphone added to the device, the tuner will be able to detect any vibrations, even in the lowest level one. Just like the name suggests, you need to clip it on the headstock of your guitar in order to operate it. Using the clip on – tuner will also make it possible for you to detect the pitch of the string from vibrations resulted by your guitar. The nicest thing about using the device to tune your guitar is that it comes in small size that will make it easier for you to bring it everywhere you go.

  1. Pedal Tuner

Another tuner device to make your guitar playing better is called as pedal tuner. You are really recommended to use this kind of tuner if you intend to play electric acoustic guitar by using amplifiers. The tuner has unique design which is created into chassis that makes it looks like pedal the most. The player will rely on a jack cable which is plugged into the guitar since this tuner device doesn’t come with microphone. Instead of a jack input, this kind of guitar tuner has a jack output with it.

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