Effective and Easy Way of Mastering Guitar Chords Playing Techniques

Mastering Guitar Chords

Guitar chords is one of the important component to play a Guitar. People who wants to play the guitar should have good understanding and familiarity on playing chords. Sometimes, learning guitar chords can be very easy, but also can be very difficult. Sometimes it also depend on the talent.  When the person has the talent to play a guitar, it might be easier for him to master playing chords.  However, we would like to share some effective techniques to master the techniques in playing guitar chords.  Hope this helps!

Step 1 – Learn Basic Guitar Chords

There are many guitar chords.  However as a start, you should learn 3 most important guitar chords, which are C, D and G as your foundation in playing a guitar. Even if you’re new to guitar, you might already be familiar with these guitar chords.  Interestingly, in several situation, we see that these chords are the areas where many beginners struggle with over and over again.

First Chord You Learned on Guitar
First Chord You Learned on Guitar

Step 2 – Feel the Chords

This may seem trivial, but getting the feel of those chords in your hand is the most important step to being able to playing it confidently. Make sure you hold it there for at least ten seconds. Feel the string indentations being formed in your guitar.

Step 3 – Pull Your Hand 

After ten seconds, pull your hand away from the fret board slowly and bring it down to rest on your left thigh (right thigh if you’re playing left handed).

Step 4 – Place Your Hand on Fret

Slowly bring your hand back up to the fret board. Your fingers should already be forming comfortably to play these guitar chords on your guitar.

When your fingers are a few centimeters above the fret board, they should already have the shape of the chord in your hand. When you place your fingers on the fret board in the shape of the chord, every digit should touch the fret board at the same time.

If they don’t, start again!

Repeat this action 5 times and strum the chord at the end of every cycle. The chord should come out clean with every note ringing correctly. By the fifth cycle, you might find that the movement is less awkward and more spontaneous.  If not, continue with a few more cycles.

Check this Video on 8 Guitar Chords You Must Know


However, it’s a wise move to identify which chord you’re now playing, otherwise you will get into a bad habit later on calling some “a C Major thing” when they’re nothing of the sort.  So when you’re playing around with chord shapes, take the time to double-check what you’ve done. In the future, it will help you in communicating your song-writing ideas to the rest of band.

Those are some ways to be a master guitar chords with effective techniques. We hope that these will give you motivation, spirit, and understanding to play a guitar. The last important thing! Practice will improve your ability in mastery the guitar chords. Keep practicing and trying will be best solution.

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