Fast Easy Steps on Guitar Jamming

Guitarists Do Guitar Jamming

Guitar jamming, this term must be familiar enough for musicians particularly those who who focus on guitar. This technique often refers to a method to play guitar in which the melody is freely filled in. Although it sounds very far from the common guitar techniques, it is so good for you who want to improve your skills in exploring the tones. To play this guitar technique more smoothly, it is better to look for a fellow guitarist to play only certain chords like Am7 and Dm7 only or the others. But how if there is no one else who want to accompany you in jamming? You must not worry now since there are some applications to download and install to solve this problem. Then, to practice this technique well, what are the steps?

Prepare the Things Needed For Your Next Guitar Jamming

Okay, you need to prepare your own guitar alongside the songs you really want to play. Interestingly, there are actually many songs starting from the classic to the modern ones that can just be good for jamming. Next, of course, it is the fellow guitarist; it can be a real human or Smartphone apps as it has been mentioned above. Let’s assume that you are still a beginner in the world of guitar playing. So, what’s next?

Learn the Melody

Guitar jamming is likely providing the vocalist with a guitar. Well, but the process is not exactly like that since the chords to be played by the fellow guitarist are commonly much simpler. But for the jammer, it means that he or she must play the melody a lot. The guitar’s melody itself must be started by acknowledging the scale and modes. Scales are the range or interval on every tone determined in one octave. It is the key point in playing the melody in certain genre. Well, jamming or the improvisation of melody means that the guitarist has to understand and even memorize all the scales they use.

Actually, if you are focused on a certain genre, you only need to master some scales only. An example is when you want jazz; it means that you only need to master Pentatonic, Mixolydian, Dorian, and more. It is better not to learn all the scales since it might get you puzzled. Once you have mastered a certain genre, it is not bad to try another genre, again, by mastering some scales related to that new genre.

Explore Your Creativity

Once you acknowledge and master the melody, you might feel that jamming as not so difficult anymore.  Yes, it has been said before that jamming means you can play the melody in free. Of course, you should still consider the best tones so that the music you play sound good. Meanwhile, practice indeed makes perfect. There are surely some music genius that can learn the instruments and techniques including jamming in a very short period if time. But if you think that you are not gifted that way, make sure to practice often. With good commitment, guitar jamming is not impossible to master.

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