Great Safe, Quick and Easy Tips to Clean Guitar Strings

Clean Guitar Strings

You must clean guitar strings regularly to keep the quality of your favorite guitar longer. You have to clean the strings carefully so your play doesn’t damage the string or the guitar.  Let’s find out how to maintain your guitar strings.

The Way to Remove Grime from Your Strings

The first thing to do to clean guitar strings from grime is by positioning the guitar on its back. You can put it at the table to make it easy to clean. You may also use a box, the guitar case, or your own lap. If it is necessary use the guitar neck strap. You also need to prepare a paper towel or microfiber cloth. The most important thing is that you are using a clean, dry, and soft towel or cloth. It is better not to spray the solution directly to the string. Instead of doing that, just spray the solution to the towel or the cloth first. When the towel or cloth is wet enough, you may use to clean the strings. Just do it smoothly and carefully so you don’t damage the strings. The best way is by sliding the half of the towel underneath the guitar strings. Next, fold the half of the towel to cover up the strings and you are ready to remove the grime from the strings perfectly and effectively.

Tips To Clean Guitar Strings for Guitarists
Tips To Clean Guitar Strings for Guitarists

The Way to Lubricate Your Guitar Strings  

If you want to clean guitar strings and lubricate them, you have to know first the type of the string. You have to make sure whether the guitar is using nylon string or steel string since you will need to treat it differently. In fact, you don’t have to lubricate your guitar if it is using nylon string. The main reason is because nylon string is considered as a corrosion resistant material. How if you have a guitar with steel strings? What do you have to do to clean guitar strings? Definitely, you have to lubricate the string regularly. Lubricating steel strings is very important to keep the strings away from corrosion, dirt, sticky, and many more. The way to lubricate steel string is similar with the way to remove grime from the guitar strings. You have to spray the solution to the soft towel or cloth first. When it is wet enough, you can start to run the towel or cloth across the strings just like when you want to clean guitar strings from grime. Soon, you will see shiny and oily strings.

Check out this video on how to clean your guitar:


Know the Right Time to Clean Guitar Strings  

It is true that you have to clean guitar strings regularly but you have to know the right time to do it. Cleaning the strings too much is not good for the string. The best time to clean guitar strings is anytime after using it. The reason is because your finger skin produces oil and it makes dust or dirty stick on the strings. If you let it without any proper treatment, you will see grime around the strings. You may also clean before using it to keep the quality of the strings itself. So, just make sure that you clean guitar strings in the right time and with the right way to maintain its condition.

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