How do I Make My Own Personalized Guitar Picks

How do I Make My Own Personalized Guitar Picks

For guitar player, guitar picks can become the most important tool that they must have when they play. Guitar picks can affect how the sound that your guitar can produce. In fact, there are many top guitarists that have unique guitar play, thanks to the pick that they used, such as The Edge of U2. How you hold and use the guitar picks to strum the strings will help you to create your trademark style. Therefore, many guitarists see guitar picks as their personal item. So, if you also want to have that kind of item, you can make it by yourself. Here is what you need to do to.

Prepare the Materials

How do I Make My Own Personalized Guitar Picks
How do I Make My Own Personalized Guitar Picks

To create personalized guitar picks, you don’t need to buy guitar picks then modify its design or like that. You can make it from scratch, so the personalized effect will be much stronger. The materials that you need are object, which has thickness and hardness like guitar picks. In this case, you can use credit card or ID card. Use the unused one and the one that has good thickness like real guitar picks.

You also need to prepare paint, to draw the design on your personalized guitar picks. Gloss varnish is also necessary, to give it extra protections. Then, for the tools, you need brushes, scissor or knife to cut the card, guitar picks as base for your design and marker.


How do I Make My Own Personalized Guitar Picks
How do I Make My Own Personalized Guitar Picks

Create the base picks:

  1. Create template by tracing the guitar picks that you have on the card (credit card or ID card).
  2. Cut the card according to the template that you made before.
  3. Make it smooth with scissor or knife.


  1. Paint the base picks (both side) with white paint. This will become the base for your design later.
  2. Let it dry, and then apply paint. Do that few times, so your base picks has several layer of base coat layer.
  3. After it’s dried and finished, you can apply the colorful painting to create your design. You can choose many different designs that you like. This is the step when you have freedom to personalize as much as you want.
  4. After you have fun with your design, apply the several layer of gloss varnish to protect your design. This layer will protect your design from damage or getting peeled off, when you use this guitar picks to strum your guitar strings.

Basically, it’s easy to make your own personalized guitar picks. The materials are also easy to find. More than that, if you want, you also can create different shape of guitar picks. So, it’s not always a triangle shape like standard guitar picks shape. You can make it has heart shape and even skull, if you want. However, what you need to know here, this kind of guitar picks won’t be able to beat the quality of the professional made guitar picks that you can find on the store. The size, the angle and precision are way above your guitar picks. Plus, some of thoseguitar picks also use amazing material, like fiber optic material.

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