How to Tune a Guitar with a Tuner?

How to Tune a Guitar with a Tuner?

Tuning a guitar can be very hard to do especially if you don’t know the right ways to do that. One tool that can help you to tune a guitar easily is by using a guitar tuner. This is a tool mostly used by professional guitar player. What is a guitar tuner actually? And how can you use this tool to help you tune your guitar?

What is Guitar Tuner Actually?

How to Tune a Guitar with a Tuner?
How to Tune a Guitar with a Tuner?

Guitar tuner is electronic device especially designed to help guitar players to display as well as detect the pitch of the guitar’s strings. The guitar turner that is available in the market usually comes with some tools such as LCD / LED displays and needle dial. All of the tools are important to help you determine whether the pitch is equal, higher, or lower than the pitch you desire. This device is very helpful especially if you often get difficulties in tuning your guitar. There are some types of guitar turner that available in market now. Basically, there are two common divisions that divide the guitar turner.

  • The first one is called no – plug in jack which is commonly used in non – electric guitar, classical guitar and ukulele.
  • Meanwhile, the second division is the one comes for electric guitar which usually comes with input – jack.

How to Use the Tuner

How to Tune a Guitar with a Tuner?
How to Tune a Guitar with a Tuner?

The basic skill you have to master before you can tune a guitar is knowing the notes which are used for each guitar string. There are six note names used in guitar instrument that you should always keep in mind. From the top to the bottom part of the guitar:

  • the note names are E which is located in top part of the string,
  • note A as the second note,
  • D as the third note of the string,
  • G s the fourth note,
  • B as the fifth string
  • and E which is placed in the bottom part of the string with the thinnest size.

The next step you should do is following the string into the tuning pegs. In doing this you need to follow the string to the guitar head. Then you can turn the tuning pegs. Just keep in mind that once you tighten the string, the note will turn higher. But if you choose to loosen the string, then the tone will be lower. So, tightening or loosening the string will help you to reach the desired tone. Whatever guitar tuner device you want to use, just make sure that you tighten or loosen the string one by one.

You also need to remember that you should turn the peg till the color displayed by the device turns into green. You also should understand that whenever you turn the tuning peg, then the note in the device will change automatically. Another thing that you should also remember when you tune a guitar is that you have to match the note available in the guitar tuner with the default note of the guitar string to get better result.

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