How To Tune a Guitar with A Piano

How To Tune a Guitar with A Piano

This is how a beginner can tune a guitar using a piano in the correct way. You certainly know how important it is to do the right tuning. Piano itself has been used very often to tune a guitar. It gets more important to use if you plan playing guitar along with a piano. Tuning seems to be the only way to make sure that both guitar and piano player can play the music by the same rules of tuning to produce beautiful sound. And, it will also produce optimal tone production.

Why Piano Helps to Tune a Guitar?

How To Tune a Guitar with A Piano
How To Tune a Guitar with A Piano

Piano has been known to be a great guitar tuning tool due to one reason. It can hold the pitch so well. This way, annual or bi-annual tuning will be enough depending on the conditions. For use, a well tuned piano or electronic keyboard is either a fine choice. Just start by playing note on piano and continue with the guitar by adjusting corresponding open string. Keep on doing it until you get the same pitch.

If you apparently have played another musical instrument beside guitar, you also certainly know one particular thing about guitar. Compared to where it’s written, the guitar music clearly sounds on lower octave.

This particular fact teaches you something. There is no way for you tuning the guitar using piano while assuming the two are the same. If you do this, you definitely will break all the strings. Instead, what you should do is to tune the guitar on higher octave.

This method using a piano can be a bit subjective compared to the electronic tuner. Yet, with enough practice, it won’t be long to see and prove by yourself why this method so popular.

Start the Tuning

How To Tune a Guitar with A Piano
How To Tune a Guitar with A Piano

So, you have prepared the piano and this is how you should do the tuning. See the illustration if necessary to see the notes on keyboard for every guitar string. There are six guitar strings. For instance, here we will try to tune the E on the piano. Before we do that, it’s necessary to hear the note first. Afterward, we start the tuning right.

First of all, play first E note using the piano or keyboard. Listen carefully to the sound before you play the guitar’s string 6. Examine whether or not the two notes are the same pitch. Does the E note on guitar make higher sound in pitch or lower sound in pitch compared to the same E note played on keyboard or piano?

To finally hear the two notes in the same pitch or sound, try tuning down by loosening the guitar string or tuning up by tightening the guitar string. Keep doing it until you hear the same sounds for two notes on both guitar and piano. As for the other five strings, the way to tune is pretty much the same. The whole process may take an hour and more according to your expertise.

Happy tuning!

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