Why Do I Need to Use Guitar Pedal Board?

Guitar Pedal Board

Guitar pedal board is one of important tools to support your guitar performance. On the other hand, some of beginner guitarists don’t really understand why they have to use guitar pedal board. If you have the same confusion, read the information below so you know why you have to use guitar pedal board.

Fast Setup 

There is a case that you only have limited time to setup your guitar effect pedal and everything. Definitely, it makes you confused and as the result you can’t setup the pedal effectively. This is the first reason why you need to bring guitar pedal board along with you. You just need to plug a pair of instrument cables and you are ready to use your guitar effect pedal just like what you need. The point is that you can get the best setting faster and easier by using guitar pedal board.

Protect Patch Cables, All Within Guitar Pedal Board

Some of guitarists don’t really understand that guitar pedal board can protect patch cables. Without pedal board, you have to plug and unplug patch cable all over the time. The problem is that you will twist and stretch anytime you kick the guitar pedal in your live performance. So, how does guitar pedal board help you? The significant different is that the patch doesn’t move at all and hold up better. As the result, you can use the patch cable longer than the expected time. At least, you don’t need to change the patch cable over and over again.

Protect Guitar Effect Pedal

The reason why you have to use this tool is also because you can protect the guitar effect pedal. Losing pedal is the main risk if you don’t use guitar pedal board. Using effect pedal without this board can shorten the lifespan of your effect pedal. Moreover, the risk of pedal bouncing is bigger and it might break the knob. Just like patch cable, you also have to plug and unplug the pedal and the risk of spinning and losing are higher. That’s why you have to use guitar pedal board to maintain your favorite guitar effect pedal lifespan.

Keep the Power

A loose pedal has less power than a strong pedal. You will also have a problem with the chain which is very noisy from the stand microphone. The case will be different if you are using this pedal board since you can protect the power supply. As the result, you can get more powerful guitar sound just like what you are expecting. Let say, buying a high quality guitar pedal board is a kind of investment for your guitar performance.

Great for Limited Space

This type of board is also useful if you have to perform in limited space. Just imagine if you have to prepare around 4 up to 5 pedals once. It will be complicated to do especially if you are doing it in very limited space. In fact, you don’t have to buy a large pedal board and choose the size suits to you.

Pedal board Essentials

Take a look at this video, find out how Don Moen’s long time guitar player, Tom Lane explains on his pedalboard

Finally, you know why you have to bring pedal board in your performance. Just try it and you can really feel the difference when using this pedal board.

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