What Do I Need to Build Guitar Pedal Board?

Setting Up Guitar Pedal Board

Playing with guitar pedal board is fun and even it improves your guitar performance. Interestingly, you can also build your own guitar pedal board. You just need to learn how to build the pedal. The steps below explain to you how to do it so you can use the guitar pedal board right away. Consider […]

Great Safe, Quick and Easy Tips to Clean Guitar Strings

Clean Guitar Strings

You must clean guitar strings regularly to keep the quality of your favorite guitar longer. You have to clean the strings carefully so your play doesn’t damage the string or the guitar.  Let’s find out how to maintain your guitar strings. The Way to Remove Grime from Your Strings The first thing to do to […]

Top Golden Rules to Worship with Guitar

Top Golden Rules to Worship with Guitar

For those who have a plan to play worship with guitar, you have to prepare everything well. To make everything easy, just try to follow the golden rules below. By following those golden roles, you are able to play guitar with a worship setting smoothly. Try to Play the Original Song As Close As Possible The […]

What Do I Need to Consider when Buying Guitar Effects Pedals

Choosing Guitar Effects Pedals

There are various types of guitar effects pedals available on the market and you might want to know which are the suitable ones for your needs. You need to know on various effects that these pedals can produce, then you can decide what you want. Gain Staging Effect You have to consider the gain staging […]

What Is Guitar Ebow and How Does It Work on My Guitar?

What Is Guitar Ebow and How Does It Work on My Guitar?

Playing a guitar needs some accessories to make your guitar play sound nicely. One of the guitar accessories is guitar ebow. This is a main need to have for the guitarists who want to play electric guitar easily. What is ebow guitar? How does it work on your guitar? What Is Guitar Ebow? Electronic bow […]

Quick Essential Tips for Writing Guitar Songs Effectively

Writing Guitar Songs

Having songs including guitar song made by ourselves is such a pride for any musician. More than that, it is when the song become one of the hits played by other guitarists.  Of course, it is somehow not something to be granted overnight. You need to practice and also look for the inspiration. Especially for […]

4 Ways to Tune a Guitar

4 Ways to Tune a Guitar

Playing guitar will not be perfect without you being able to tune the string. Moreover, tuning a guitar can be very tricky. You need to know different methods you can use to tune the string to ensure a great sound from your guitar. This article will share the 4 ways to tune a guitar. 4 […]

What Is Guitar Whammy Bar And Why Do We Need It?

Guitar Whammy Bar

Whammy Bar and Why We Need It Where can you find this thing called the Whammy Bar?  Well, if you look right along the bridge of the guitar, you should have found it. To be able to use it, there needs to be a hole at the bottom of the bridge where the strings tuck […]

What are Different Types of Guitar Capo Tuners, Advantages and Disadvantages?

What are Different Types of Guitar Capo Tuners, Advantages and Disadvantages?

Capo tuner is an important tool to play guitar just like what you are expected. On the same time, finding the best tuner is tricky. To choose the best one, you should know the different types of capo tuner as well as advantages and disadvantages. 4 Types of Capo Tuners There are at least 4 […]

How to Tune a Guitar for Beginners?

How to Tune Guitar for Beginners?

Playing guitar is really interesting. Being able to tune a guitar will make it easier to improve your guitar playing. If you are a beginner, here are some tips you can easily follow to help you tune your guitar instrument. Tips to Tune a Guitar for Beginner Before we go further with tuning tip to […]

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