What Do I Need to Consider when Buying Guitar Effects Pedals

Choosing Guitar Effects Pedals

There are various types of guitar effects pedals available on the market and you might want to know which are the suitable ones for your needs. You need to know on various effects that these pedals can produce, then you can decide what you want.

Gain Staging Effect

You have to consider the gain staging effect before deciding the best guitar effect pedal. There are 5 important elements in gaining staging effect.

  • The first is gain boost pedal and the purpose is to create high impedance guitar signal. You just hit the amplifier with this pedal to create overdrive effect.
  • The second gain staging effect is overdrive and you just need to hit the amplifier to create great distortion.
  • The third is distortion effect pedal and you can setup the volume adjustment and the tone.
  • The fourth is compression pedal and it is commonly found in music studio and the function is to reduce the volume of the sound so you can create smooth and clean sound.
  • The fifth is volume effect and of course you can control the volume of your guitar by using your feet.

Frequency Effect

The second consideration before choosing guitar effect pedal is frequency effect. By considering this effect, you can control the frequency of your guitar well including equalizing, wah effect, pitch shifting, and many more. For example, you can buy specific guitar effects pedals such as EQ pedal, Wah pedal, Pitch Shifter pedal. By using those these effects pedals, you are able to make fast adjustment just like what you need in live performance.

Modulation Effect

Don’t forget to consider the modulation effect when you are choosing the best guitar effect pedal. By considering on the modulation effect, you can cover the gain staging, frequency, and time. You can consider specific guitar effect pedal such as Tremolo and Vibrato, Chorus and Flanger, and Phase Shifter. When you are installing this type of pedal, you can manage the tone, volume, and synchronize the effect, as well as to cancel phases.

Time Effect

You also need to consider about time effect when you are purchasing a guitar effect pedal. This is also an important consideration especially if you tend to play modern music. There are several types of great pedals you can choose such as delay and reverb effect pedals. Just as the name of the product, delay effects pedal is to delay the signal and repeat it later. It is also important to balance the incoming signal and delayed signal. Reverb has similar function in which the pedal is used to create space around the sound. Today, this pedal is designed digitally so you can adjust the ideal reverb tone just like what you want easily.

Guitar Effects Pedals Concept

Despite of the function and features installed, you also need to buy effects pedal with advanced concept. There are also several guitar effects pedals which are designed with advanced concept such as stereo, mono pedal, true bypass and buffered bypass pedal.

Take a look at this video, to see how various guitar effect pedal that are essential for your guitar play:

Now, you know what to do to get the guitar effect pedal that suits your needs to boost your live guitar performance. Get some and try them out!

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