What Is Guitar Whammy Bar And Why Do We Need It?

Guitar Whammy Bar

Whammy Bar and Why We Need It

Where can you find this thing called the Whammy Bar?  Well, if you look right along the bridge of the guitar, you should have found it. To be able to use it, there needs to be a hole at the bottom of the bridge where the strings tuck in. If the hole is not present on the guitar, then it might not be possible to use this bar

But for those of you that have a hole in your guitar, you’re in for something really special. You’ll be able to generate sounds that aren’t even imaginable on another guitar. You’ll be able to formulate sounds that are much deeper than normal, sounds full of dissonance.  The whammy bar gives the best sound when played on just one note instead of the whole chord.

It needs to be pressed down gently towards the guitar while pointing the bar in the direction of the head stock. Players use the whammy to make their compositions exclusive and more effective.

Though the whammy gels the best with a single note, you can also use it with the entire chord. By pressing the whammy bar down slowly, a player can generate a very soothing effect. But this needs to be done correctly to get the desired melodious effect for the listeners. You need to take extra care when using the whammy bar for chords. It can get chaotic if you don’t go slowly on it.

There are different variations that can be tried with the whammy. Positioning of this whammy plays a very important part in creating music. Like when you hold the whammy in the direction of the head stock. This makes the sound softer and deeper. When you hold the whammy facing the bottom of the guitar and play it softly, it results in the pitch going up.

Check this video to feel how whammy can improve your guitar play!

Those some little definitions about whammy bar, then let’s continue on how to install it?

How to Install Whammy Bar

  • Examine Your Guitar

Some guitars do not have the capability to mount a whammy. Take a look at the bridge of your guitar. The bridge is near the bottom of the body and is where the strings’ ends are held. You should see a small hole, if your guitar is able to hold a whammy.

  • Take It To The Shop

If you have a Fender Telecaster or Stratocaster, you’ll be better off letting the music store fit the whammy bar. Many whammy bars look the same, but come in different sizes and fits. The music store will require you install a tailpiece onto the bridge and body to hold the whammy bar.

  • Test The Connection

Make sure you have your guitar whammy bar set up correctly. A whammy bar that is not set up correctly can lead to issues with your bridge. Some whammy bars don’t require to be screwed on to the bridge. For these bars, you simply insert them into the slot and you’re ready to rock.

Well those all about guitar whammy bar, we hope that it will be useful for you all.

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