What is Acoustic Guitar?

What is acoustic guitar?

There are many people believe that classical and acoustic guitar are same type of guitar. Even most people just know that they are just the same or synonym to each other. However, these two were just different in producing sound. Acoustic means that a sound which is produced inside the guitar body without using any electricity. In this point, you might confuse about the differences between them. There are specific differences between acoustic and classical guitar. One of the most obvious differences is the size, you might not know that classic guitar is much smaller that acoustic one. Another obvious difference is the type of strings that are being used to play.

So, what is an acoustic guitar?

What is acoustic guitar?
What is acoustic guitar?

An acoustic guitar is a guitar which produces a sound by transmitting a vibration from the strings that you picked into the air and rallied to electronic amplification. Of course, the sound waves from the strings resonate throughout the guitar’s body in order to produce a sound. This usually requires the sound box and sound board in order to strengthen the vibration from the strings.

The main source of sound in this guitar is the string which is strummed or plucked by your fingers or a pick as well. Then the string will vibrate on proper frequency and create many harmonics on different frequencies. The frequencies delivered based on string tension, length and mass as well. Then the string makes the sound box and soundboard to produce vibrant sound and they have their own resonance in the specific frequencies.

Construction and Design of Acoustic Guitar

What is acoustic guitar?
What is acoustic guitar?


The guitar’s neck is placed to the guitar’s body and over in the headstock. The fretboard mounts in the neck’s tip and the rear was made to accommodate the player’s hand. Most of acoustic types have the neck set.  This means that the neck is mounted to the guitar’s body as mentioned above. Another alternative is bolt on the neck which is very common in electric guitar. There is a heel to provide an additional support in the back of guitar’s neck where it also meets with the guitar’s body as well. Then the fret board was placed in top of the neck and commonly uses a separate piece of wood which is mounted to the neck. The headstock is in the end of guitar’s neck opposite. It was completed with tuning keys or machine heads. You can adjust the tension of each string or by just changing their pitches as well.


The body of acoustic guitar is structured in top, which is also known as soundboard. The upper curve is called as the upper bout, and the larger curve is known as the lower bout. Then the space between them is called as the waist. The sound hole was aligned with the guitar’s waist in the base of fretboard. You should know that the shape and size of the this acoustic instrument can affect the sound as well. Finding the right body to match perfectly with your musical need and physic is cruicial.  Make sure you choose the suitable one.

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