What is electric guitar?

What is electric guitar?

The electric guitar is made from the wooden body with several parts, such as: strung with the steel string and pick up installed as well. If electric guitar is played without amplification, then the sound volume will be low, so this device can help to strengthen the sound electrically. The body of this guitar look like plastic or metal and quite colorful.  That’s why there are many people do not  realize that this guitar is actually made from the wood as well. However, similar to other guitars, electric guitar is commonly made from wood. This electric guitar produce the sound that can vary depending on the body material.

Body Types of Electric Guitar

What is electric guitar?
What is electric guitar?

There are three basic types of electric guitar and each of them has their own characteristics:

The Solid Body

The solid body on the electric guitar is the most common and is constructed from the solid wood. The solid body also can range from the simple one, such as single-pickup model to the decorated model that has many electronic options. Although this solid body guitar cannot produce much resonance as hollow model did, the wood construction still has specific impact on the sound of instrument.

The Hollow Body

As name implied, this electric guitar has a body which is hollow and can produce more resonance because of its design as well. This guitar usually shows up the archtop and more prone to the feedback as well. There are many jazz guitarists prefer to choose the hollow body to get deep bass response and rich tones.

The Semi-Hollow Body

This is also quite similar to the hollow body.  This semi hollow body has more resonance than solid body.  However this semi-hollow guitar was made from the solid wood block.  This help to increase sustain and stability and help to reduce the feedback. No surprise that there are many blues players that love this semi-hollow as this help to increase the attack and sustain that is offered by the center block. Actually, this semi-hollow body could be great for most music type, such as: from blues to punk rock.

How is electric guitar works?

What is electric guitar?
What is electric guitar?

As mentioned before that models and styles can be so vary, however electric guitar operates with general principles as well. The pickup mounts into guitar’s body and has function as the magnetic field. When the metal string vibrates and plucked, it will produce a current. It transmits the current by the pickup via the preamp circuit with the tone controls goes to the guitar cable, and finally turns the amplifier. The amplifier will push modifies and signals by using vary effects and tone controls as well.  This also depends on the amplifier’s capability and design. Then a signal came out of the speaker, which transform it into sound waves.

You should know that the tone controls, technique, pickup and other key factors which are built in guitar’s design can affect a signal which was sent to the amplifier. Shortly, every component of the electric guitar will affect how it sounds.

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