What Is Guitar Capo Tuner and Why Do I Need It Essentially?

Guitar Tuner - Guitar Capo

Guitar Capo tuner seems to be unfamiliar. What is it?  Many guitarists use this tool in playing guitar. Of course, there are some reasons why you need it for your guitar. How does that help you in playing your guitar?

What Is Capo Tuner?

Capo tuner consists of capo and tuner, all in one within the same tool. Guitar capo is a tool, placed on your guitar neck to raise its pitch.

What is Guitar Capo?

With guitar capo, you can play different key in your guitar with the same fingering as if you play without a capo.

What is Guitar Tuner?

Guitar tuner helps to adjust the string pitches to the match the reference pitch, which will help the strings to be in tune relative to each other. With capo tuner, you can use this same device to both capo and tune your guitar.

Reasons Why You Need Capo Tuner

If you need to do the following, you definitely need to use capo tuner:

  • Raising Guitar Pitch Levels

Capo is inspired by thumb and forefinger pressing when you play barre chord in guitar. This is made to replace forefinger to barre chord. It is enough to move capo on desirable fret. Then, you can play a chord simply and comfortably. That is why capo tuner is needed to produce higher guitar pitch sound. It makes more comfortable for you to play guitar with different pitches.

  • Leveling Guitar Strings without Re-Stem Process

In this case, if you want to play guitar with your friend or duet, you need to stem your guitar. It is aimed to harmonize tones. Since each guitar has the limit level of its stem, you can use capo to harmonize tones in your guitar. You just attach capo tuner only on guitar strings. It is easy to use for any levels of guitarists such as beginners or the advanced guitarists.

  • You need to tune your guitar

You might not have much time, and you are going to play soon with your buddy. Use capo tuner to tune your guitar. Typically this device come with electronic device to help to detect the key of each string. Clip this device on your guitar head. Turn it on, and start to pluck your guitar string. The LCD screen will typically show how far the tone is to your desired key.

  • Traveling

Typically you will need to use separate capo and tuner for your performance. However sometimes it might be inconvenient to bring both of them, especially if you are going for your performance. Having both capo and tuner within same device might help you to save same space on your gig bag.


To have both capo and tuner within same device is certainly a great thing to have. Just make sure you find a strong capo with rubber grip to keep your guitar without scratch and find the tuner with high accuracy. Once you have that, get ready to rock!

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