What Is Guitar Tuner and Why Do I Need It

What Is Guitar Tuner and Why Do I Need It

Every time you want to play guitar whether for practicing or performing on stage, the one that become a must is to make the guitar string in tune. It’s the most basic preparation that all guitarists either beginner of professional should do in the first place. Most suggest to tune by ear as it is helpful to train the guitar playing skill. But, some others suggest the use of guitar tuner.

Indeed, in certain situations, a tuner is a great tool to tune the guitar string. It offers a much more practical way of tuning. With so many different styles of tuner, it is necessary though to find the ideal tuner according to guitarist’s circumstances. So, your tuner can be in different style than of your friend. That’s okay because a guitarist needs to find the right tuner that matches his/her style.

Basics about Guitar Tuner

What Is Guitar Tuner and Why Do I Need It
What Is Guitar Tuner and Why Do I Need It

By any means, a tuner is actually not the most glamorous guitar accessory yet it is among the most important equipment that guitarist must have whether it is a clip on tuner or guitar tuner pedal. Tuner is necessary to make sure the guitar notes are in tune. Playing out of tune is the worst thing for a musician.

The tuner also makes a great tool to help troubleshooting the issues with the guitar as to why it creates out of tune notes. The possible things that may cause the issue include:

  • Guitar strings are not wounded tight enough around guitar tuning peg. As a result, it causes flat strings sound
  • Immense string tension causes the wearing down of the gears located within the tuning machines. There may be some gears skip or strip teeth that need replacing
  • The guitar tuner may not be tightly anchored onto headstock’s back and finally affect the tuning ability.

Therefore, you certainly want to get yourself a good quality clip on tuner or electric tuner especially if you play an acoustic guitar. This way, the sound will always be in tune to help you in delivering great performance.

Tips Choosing A Tuner

What Is Guitar Tuner and Why Do I Need It
What Is Guitar Tuner and Why Do I Need It

It’s imperative to choose the tuner style depending on your style and need. It can be a soundhole tuner, a clip on tuner or a guitar tuner pedal. With so many different options, follow some tips below to choose the right one.

In choosing a tuner, there are three main things to consider,

  • the style,
  • the 6 string vs chromatic
  • and pricing.

When it comes to styles, many are available from pedal used on floor, tuner that can clamp to guitar, rack mounted tuner, attached tuner and on-board tuners.

Basic guitar tuner is specially designed to tune 6 strings in standard E but other basic tuners can also tune E, D, A, B, G and E string. Chromatic tuner on the other hand is particularly set up to tune all notes including the flats and sharps.

The pricing can go as low as $10 and as high as more than $100. The choice is yours according to your need.

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